Our Mission

A market research firm that is dedicated to helping organizations make important business decisions through the use and analysis of actionable market intelligence.

Our Vision

To become leading global market research firm that clients rely in consultancy, innovative market research and advanced analytical solutions.


We put our hearts and souls into making every project we undertake the very best it can possibly be and we don’t stop until we get there.

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About Us

World Class Market Research Agency

Esada Insight Ltd offers world class research services where we gather, record, and analyze data to inform marketing decisions as they relate to doing business.

Providing you insights on-the-ground knowledge, resources, fieldwork and local market insights via a single point of contact in your own domestic market.

We offer our clients access to our registered survey participants. That way we can support you step-by-step in all stages of a market research survey. We will program and host the questionnaire, conduct the survey with the respective target group and provide raw data or prepare the data into meaningful presentations.

If you only need participants for an existing survey, we can also help ensure proper sampling. You just send us your online survey and we’ll send it out to your target group.

Liz Uimbia

CEO & Founder


Creating a Business with Authentic Integrity

Together. You and Us - Delivering Ridiculously Good next-generation digital outsourcing to the most innovative brands in the world.

Our Focus

We at Esada Insight understand that achieving growth for our partners requires a culture of constant motion. Exploring new technologies, being ready to handle any challenge at a moment’s notice, and mastering consistency in an ever-changing world—these are what it takes to get there. Esada Insight is equipped to offer the best support for your business growth.

Our Services

Services we Provide for Our Customers Business

We offer both qualitative and quantitative research services. We work with private/corporate sector clients, along with public sector and voluntary organizations.


We make use of efficient and unbiased research methods to capture, analyze and finally disseminate date in order to ensure a high level of accuracy.


We have a highly experienced team statisticians and survey methodologists who use internationally methodologies to conduct surveys.


Once we have all the facts we provide bespoke advice that helps our clients address their most critical business challenges and make better commercial decisions.


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